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Hello, my name is Dawn Mansfield and I am going to give you some tips on making some extra money by working from home.  I don’t want you to get scammed out of $100’s of dollars like I did.  If you are like me, you are reading this because you want to make some extra money by working from the comfort of your own home.  Maybe you recently got laid off of work, or you have a seasonal job like I do.  Keep reading and I will give you some do’s and don’ts that I have found, mostly by experience

Ø  Do- Make sure if you pay for a home based job that they offer a money back guarantee.

Ø  Do- Read all the information they provide before you purchase anything.

Ø  Do- After you purchase one check to make sure you follow all the steps in order.  If you skip around you will miss steps and you won’t understand what you are doing, trust me.

v  Don’t- Buy anything that doesn’t have a money back guarantee.

v  Don’t- believe you will get rich the next day.

v  Don’t- believe everything you read, do some research there are a lot of sites to choose from.

All of these are from my experiences because I have been scammed out of at least $300 dollars.  I can’t afford to be scammed any more.  I don’t need to get rich right away; I do need to make some extra money.  I have a husband and 3 children.  My oldest is in college and I need to make some extra money to help her pay for it.  I also am in college to better myself and my family. 

        I have made some money with some of these sites, and I know you can too.  Remember one thing; you will only make what you put in to it.  If you only have an hour a day, you won’t make much, but if you can put in 3 – 4 hours a day, a couple times a week, you should be able to earn a good amount of extra money. 


VaroloThis is a cool site!  It is FREE!!  At Varolo you watch short ads and you earn entries for a weekly drawing for money.  But if you get at least five people to sign up under you, you get paid each time you watch an ad, and each time a member of your village watches ads.  It’s a win, win situation.  This is one of the easiest ways to make some extra money that I have found so far.


Web Colleagues    -This is a Work At Home Typing site.  With this program it is very simple process. You type, and you get paid. The more you type, the more you get paid. This is not an e-book, or a list of companies that you have to apply to and hope you get the job. This is an actual work-at-home typing Job. Our colleagues receive complete online training and guidance. You are NOT paying for a job the job is paying you.

Part Time Job Today – This is a make money online taking surveys site.  You can make real money doing this, but for some reason, I haven’t made a ton of money with this because it tells me I don’t qualify for all of the surveys.  I am not sure why, maybe it’s my age or income, but I have made some money with it.  I tend to get bored taking surveys.  This might be right for you.  It is super easy; you don’t have to learn anything to be able to do it.


My-Data-Team.comI am going to be honest with you on this site.  I have truly learned a lot from this site.  I did have to pay for this site, but it’s less than $50 bucks, and there is so much information here.  My-Data-Team.com offers many different ways to make extra income online.  It also gives you companies to sign up for FREE, to earn the money.  You will need to take your time and read through, and watch the videos to benefit from all they have to offer.  I skipped through and got confused until I went back and reread and re watched all of the stuff.  Trust me it’s worth it.


Smart Cash System - SOME  FACTS:

* Anyone in any country can make money with this

* This does not involve promoting affiliate products

* You will never have to run a pay per click advertising campaign

* You will not be applying for government grants

* This has nothing to do with MySpace, YouTube or anything else similar

* You will never need to work long hours

* This is not cash gifting

* This has nothing to do with investing in Real Estate

* This is not some "chain letter" scheme

* This is not "rebate processing"

* This is not a mail from home system

* You will never have to recruit anyone

* You will never have to gamble

* You will never need to build or maintain websites

* This does not involve paid surveys or emails

* This is not envelope stuffing

I personally have not tried this one but I have talked to a couple of friends that have and they had only good things to say.



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